Opening a new Thailand company is not a simple and uncomplicated process as it is in many countries around the world. The biggest problems, especially for foreigners, are the fact that all paperwork must be done in Thai and the amount of paperwork is so voluminous.  Just figuring out what is needed in the first place is a challenge. And then making sure that it is filled out and filed correctly is the next big hurdle.

Because of this there are a lot of legal firms in Thailand that help foreigners when they want to open a company in Thailand. Many can be found easily on the internet and these tend to be the biggest and most well established. They can also be the most expensive and, in some cases, not all that focused on providing great customer service. So bigger is not always better.

The best type of company to help people with a Thai company registration is probably a company that is big enough to handle everything that needs to be done for company registrations as well as work permits and visas. However, you also don’t want a company that is too big and will have very junior personnel handle your work. What is also very important is that you make sure whatever company you choose to do your work that someone there can speak good English so you can have things explained to you properly. Preferably, the company should have native English speakers on hand. 

Because obviously if you are not a native English speaker yourself it can be difficult for two people to communicate when they are both speaking a second language. Of course, the ideal situation is to have someone to talk to who can speak your native language but since English is the most common second language here that is more difficult to find.

Another thing to keep in mind is that many of the companies that advertise these types of legal services feature what seem to be very low prices. However, these prices usually fail to include various fees that must be paid to the relevant government agencies so the actual price that you may pay could be quite a bit higher. Because of that, it’s best to get a clear idea of what the total amount you have to pay is before you make a decision on who to hire.

Another thing you might want to do, and this applies to any people you are considering doing business with in any way, is to simply Google the names of the company’s principles to see what comes up. This is a good way to find out anything about the people you’re about to deal with – positive or negative – before you make any kind of commitment. You’d be surprised at some of the things you’ll find just by doing this.

Also, take note especially of how responsive the company is when you contact them. If they take a long time to get back to you or to answer your questions this is a definite red flag. If they can’t even respond to you in a timely manner then the process of putting together your paperwork and getting your company formed could take forever. It’s a small thing but it’s a reliable indicator as well.